Here’s a really simple dog training tip to balance a treat on your dogs nose. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Balance treat on dogs nose

Step 1: The Default Leave It

Put several small food treats in your hand and put it near your dog’s mouth. When the dog attempts to eat the food close your hand into a fist to prevent him from getting it. Keep fist closed and every time your dog looks away reward him with a “Yes” cue and one of the treats.

Step 2: Open Fist

Now open your first and only reward your dog when he looks away with a “Yes” and a treat.

Step 3: Delay The Reward

When your dog looks away delay the reward so he learns to look away longer.

Step 4: Food Between Fingers

Now instead of having the food in the palm of your hand, put it between two fingers. Build up to sustained eye contact.

Step 5: Taking It Further

Put treat within a clenched fist and hold it above your dog’s nose. Wait until the dog stops sniffing until you say “Yes” and give one of the treats within your fist.

Step 6: Food Between fingers

Repeat step 5 with food between two fingers (instead of a closed fist).

Step 7: Balance Treat Your Dog’s Nose

Now start balancing the treat on the dog’s nose and reward with a “Yes” and the treat on his nose if he ignored the treat.


Dog Training Planner