Basic Commands: Lie Down. Here’s a simple dog training tip to train your dog to lie down. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog learns to lie down with a verbal command

General Tips:

  • Train your dog in an environment with minimal distractions.
  • Burn off excess energy before training, but don’t exhaust your dog.

Step 1: Lure 

Start with a treat in your hand and put it close to your dogs nose. Lower your hand toward the floor as a lure. Your dog will not lie down immediately, but give the treat and praise as soon as your dog makes any movement downward. Repeat the lure, lowering your hand closer to the floor each time. Do this until your dog is completely lying down.  

 Step 2: Fade out the lure and replace with a hand signal.

The hand signal should be an open hand with palm down to the floor. Lower your hand signal (as you did for the lure). When your dog is lying down, reward with a treat from your other hand. Gradually reduce your hand signal, until your dog reacts to just a slight downward motion. Repeat until your dog is consistent. 

Step 3: Fade out the hand signal and replace with a verbal command

Do this by giving the command ‘down’ before you give a hand signal. Repeat this until your dog responds to the verbal command alone.

Practice these steps regularly to ensure your dog is confident to carry out the command.

Dog Training Planner

Basic Commands: Lie (a training tip from The Dog Training Planner)