Basic Commands: Stay. Teach your dog to stay with this simple tip taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Stays When Commanded

  • For this training session you will need a clicker
  • Timing is key when using your clicker
  • Make sure you are patient with your dog
  • Reward all good behaviour

Basic Command: Stay (For Distance)

Step 1: Give Command

Command your dog to “Stay” and then walk away.   

Step 2: Anticipate

If you think your dog will break it’s stay, click just before that happens, come back to your dog and give a food treat.   

Step 3: Increase Distance

Gradually increase the distance you move away from your dog.   

Step 4: Release

Give a release command (e.g. “Go”) to allow your dog a short break.  

Step 5: End Session

End the session with a release command (e.g.  “OK”) and give your dog its favourite toy as a reward.    

Basic Command: Stay (For Duration)

Step 1: Distance 

Maintain a small distance between yourself and the dog.  

Step 2: Eye Contact 

Give a reward & click each time you say, “Stay” and they give you eye contact.  

Step 3: Space Out Rewards 

Start to add more time between rewards.   

Step 4: Talk to Your Dog 

Connect with your dog verbally (e.g. “Good boy“). Release every “Stay” command.   

Step 5: Increase Duration 

Build up to minute long stays. Then go to 2, 3, 4 and more minutes.    

With plenty of practice, your dog will learn this basic command to stay.

Dog Training Planner

Basic Commands: Stay. Part of the Dog Training Planner