Teach your dog to come back when call with this simple dog training tip. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Comes Back To You When Called

General Tips:

  • Be consistent when training your dog
  • Make sure your dog is reliable with the call back cue before letting them off lead in an unsecured areas

Step 1: Practice On Long Lead

Practice on a long lead in an enclosed area until dog is reliable with the cue. Don’t tell the dog to do anything. Remain observant of their behaviour. Be ready with your clicker and treats for the slightest bit of attention that is directed to you. Even a small step or head turn towards you must be clicked and rewarded with a treat and a “Good Boy”.

Step 2: Click Before Dog Gets To You

Click (dog clicker) before your dog gets to you, but after deciding to come.

Step 3: Dog Stays Close

Let the dog stay close to you and give them plenty off praise. Reward your dog with treats and then let them explore the enclosed area again.

Step 4: Click & Reward

Each time your dog turns his head or moves towards you, click and reward with treats and plenty of verbal praise.

Step 5: Reward when dog returns to you completely

Your dog should now realise that they will be praised and rewarded whenever they give you some attention. Now try to encourage your dog to come to you every time you click or call their name.

Dog Training Planner

Teach your dog to come back when called – The Dog Training Planner