How to stop my dog stealing my food. Here’s a training tip for stopping your dog stealing food. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Stop Dog Stealing Dog

When training your dog, always remember to be patient and reward with positive praise and treats. You should never punish your dog or use angry and aggressive tones, this will only lead to fear. Dogs respond much better to positive reinforcement and such training can improve your relationship with your dog.

Step 1: Plate With Human Food

Fill a plate with human food.

Step 2: Food In Front

Put food in front of yourself so that you have an impact on the dog and the food.

Step 3: Block & Reward 

Block the dog until he gives up his efforts to get food. Once he calms down, reward him with a food treat.

Step 4: Block & Reward 

Repeat the same thing but put food on the table.


It may take your dog sometime to improve their behaviour, so be patient and keep trying. If you find your dog is getting confused, then go back a few steps and build their confidence slowly. 

Dog Training Planner

How To Stop My Dog Stealing My Food – The tip was taken from The Dog Training Planner