How do you stop your dog from barking.? Here’s a really simple dog training tip to show you how to stop your dog barking when someone knocks the front door.  This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Stops Barking

  • You will need a helper for this training tip.
  • Have a variety of treats on hand.
  • This training tip focuses on barking caused by knocking the front door, but the principles can be used for other triggers of barking.

Step 1: Door Open 

Ask your helper to pretend to be a visitor to your home. Have them go to the front door, hold it open and knock. 

Step 2: Get Your Dog’s Attention 

As your helper is knocking, get your dog’s attention with a treat. Use treat as a lure, but do not reward. 

Step 3: Get Your Dog To Sit 

Once you have your dog’s attention and ask them to sit. If they do then you can give the reward. Here, you are asking your dog for two commands before they receive a treat and this should provide a distraction from the knocking at the door.

Step 4: Reduce How Much the Door is Open 

Ask your helper to reduce the amount the door is open and repeat steps 1-3. 

Step 5: Keep going! 

Continue with steps 1-4, reducing the amount the door is open each time, until you are able to shut the door. 

Step 5: Shut the Door 

With the door closed, ask your helper to knock. Get your dog’s attention and ask them to sit. Reward when they do. 

 Repeat training tip until barking reduces or stops. If your dogs barking is a result of another dog or another trigger, the principles are the same. Get you dogs attention by luring them with a treat. Once they give you their attention and they sit, reward this behaviour and keep practising it.

Dog Training Planner