Stop your dog from barking with this dog training tip, taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Just imagine how nice it would be if your dog didn’t deem it necessary to bark when someone knocks on the door or the phone rings. Ahhh yes, feel how joyously relaxing that would be.

You will need a helper for this training tip. Have a variety of treats on hand. This training tip focuses on barking caused by knocking on the front door, but the principles can be used for other triggers of barking.



If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that I’ve written out all the steps from the video for you. I know. I know. I really am that nice (lol).

Videos are great if you’re a visual learner!

Most people learn dog training drills best by first watching a video tutorial, and then having the written steps available during the training session, so they don’t get confused (Hey, if you want to completely avoid confusion, you might like to get your paws on my Dog Training Planner).

Illustrated Cheat Sheet

I hope you like my illustrated cheat sheet. Feel free to download it for personal use. It includes a painting I created for it (you can see my dog art here).

Stop Dog Barking At The Front Door

One Step At A Time 

Hey, if you don’t want to download and use the illustrated guide above, I’ve also included all the steps below for you. I’ve done you a huge psychological favour by hiding each step (except the first one).

Complete a step before opening the next one.

This one-step-at-a-time philosophy dramatically increases your chances of completing all the steps.

How To Stop Your Dog Barking At The Front Door In 6 Steps

Step 1: Door Open

Ask your helper to pretend to be a visitor to your home. Have them go to the front door, hold it open and knock. 

Step 2: Dog's Attention

As your helper is knocking, get your dog’s attention with a treat. Use a treat as a lure, but do not reward. 

Step 3: Sit

Once you have your dog’s attention and ask them to sit. If they do, then you can give them a reward. You are asking your dog for two commands before they receive a treat (this should provide a distraction from the knocking at the door).

Step 4: Reduce

Ask your helper to reduce the amount the door is open and repeat steps 1-3. 

Step 5: Keep Going

Continue with steps 1-4, reducing the amount the door is open each time until you are able to shut the door. 

Step 6: Shut The Door

With the door closed, ask your helper to knock. Get your dog’s attention and ask them to sit. Reward them when they do. 

Final Thoughts

Repeat all the steps until the barking reduces or stops.

If your dog’s barking is a result of another dog or another trigger, the principles are the same. Get your dog’s attention by luring them with a treat. Once they give you their attention and they sit, reward this behaviour and keep practising it.

Before you go, read on to discover the secret sauce to dog training success...

Loving Leadership

Have a philosophy of loving leadership when training your dog.

Loving Leadership Dog Training Planner

As a loving leader, you should be constantly working on the communication pathways with your dog. At the bare minimum, your dog should also have some basic commands such as the lie-down command, sit command, and stay command.

When your dog knows a few basic dog obedience commands he or she will feel loved because they know what you want and have no anxiety or fear about what they should be doing and when.

Once your dog has a few commands under his or her belt (I mean, collar), practice behaviour dog training, command dog training and tricks dog training regularly to ensure your dog is physically and mentally healthy. As you are probably acutely aware, untrained dogs have a way of taking over the control of a home if not taught otherwise (which can be a nightmare). A trained dog, however, will bring years of doggie love to your household.

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