How can you stop your dog bolting out of the front door? Here’s a really simple dog training tip to train your dog not to bolt out of the door..  This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Doesn’t Bolt Out of the Front Door

These steps will show you how to stop your dog bolting out of the front door! For this training tip you will require your dog’s lead, plenty of treats and patience. It can take time for your dog to learn and understand the behaviour you are looking for. Do not punish your dog if they get it wrong, use positive reinforcement to shape the behaviour you are looking for.

Step 1: Pretend to Go for a Walk

Put your dog on a lead, just like you would do as if you’re going for a walk, but once you are outside, immediately turn around and go back inside.  

Step 2: Reward

Unclip the lead and reward your dog. 

Step 4: Repeat 

Repeat this process over and over again until the dog loses the desire to bolt out your front door. 

You may wish to ask a family member, or a friend, to help you when testing out if this training tip  has worked. The first few times you open the door without your dog on a lead, you may need someone to help you make sure that your dog is safe in case they do bolt out of the door. If you find they are still bolting out of the door, go back to step 1 and take things slowly.

Dog Training Planner