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Finally, an easy system that allows dog trainers to effortlessly create dog training plans. Choose from 501 dog training exercises. Perfect for professional dog trainers and beginners (hobby dog trainers) who want to train their dogs using a proven, easy-to-use system.


Finally, An Easy System That Allows Dog Trainers To Effortlessly Create Dog Training Plans. includes 501 dog training exercises. Perfect For Professional Dog Trainers…And Anyone Who Wants To Train Their Dogs Using A Proven System. 

Dog Training Planner

Dear Dog Trainer (or beginning dog trainer),  

I’ve spent countless hours burning the midnight oil creating the Dog Training Planner. I created it for myself to train my dog, Finn. It’s now used by professional dog trainers and newbie dog trainers to easily and effortlessly create detailed dog training sessions. 


What If You Had A Really Simple System To Turn A Naughty Dog…

naughty dog in training

Into A Good Dog

dog training video tutorials

With the Dog Training Planner, you have a really simple system for turning naughty dogs into good doggies!

You, as a dog owner, will be able to get your dog to do what you need them to do obediently.

Dogs need to understand that you are the leader and that they are to respect you as such. They also need to get the message that disobedience is not acceptable in your household.

It’s better and easier to start training them when they are still a puppy. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get them to comply with your demands.

Dogs are like children. You have to teach them what they need to do, where their boundaries are, and what behaviour is expected of them. When they get something wrong, you have to discipline and correct them to do it the way you want them to.

Above all, you have to be consistent and let them know you mean business.

Here Are The 3 Easy Steps To Create A Dog Training Plan Using The Dog Training Planner…

Dog Training Planner

Easy Step 1
Open The Planner

Dog Training Planner Formula

With 501 dog training exercises within the Dog Training Planner, you’ll be able to effortlessly create a dog training plan in less than 5 minutes.


Dog Training Planner Features

The Dog Training Planner includes the following columns: 

  • Category (e.g. C is for “Commands”)
  • Step by step action plan
  • Start date for the training session
  • End date for the training session (e.g. you may spend 3 days training the “commands”)
  • Resource (link to a video tutorial)
  • Notes (to put your own notes)

Proven behavioural training methods

The Dog Training Planner has 101 proven behavioural training methods that can help you address your particular furry friend’s less endearing habits including: 

  • Aggression towards People or other Dogs
  • Begging for Food
  • Biting and Nipping
  • Bolting out the Front Door
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Excessive Barking
  • Fear of Objects, People, or Animals
  • Jumping Up
  • Ignoring Simple Commands like “sit” or “stay”
  • Mounts other dogs or people
  • Peeing and Pooping in the House
  • Suffering from Separation Anxiety
  • Tugging on the Lead (or Leash if you’re American)
  • Whining
  • Won’t come when called


Easy Step 2
Copy & Paste

Free Dog Training Tips with George Watts


All you need to do is copy and paste one of the 101 dog training tactics from the Dog Training Planner into the Dog Training Plan template. 


Easy Step 3
Print & Train

Dog Training Planner System

You can then either save the plan on your computer, smartphone or tablet and view and edit it from there, or you can print it out.


If You Purchase Today, You’ll Receive The Following Bonuses Worth £97…


Bonus 1
Caring For A Healthy Dog Crash Course

Dog Training Planner CD



Module 1. Understanding ingredients
Module 2. Dogs diets 
Module 3. Vitamin & mineral supplements
Module 4. Boredom and variety
Module 5. Cost of feeds
Module 6. Dry Vs. Canned food
Module 7. Home made diets
Module 8. Food allergies
Module 9. How much should I feed my dog?
Module 10. How often should I feed my dog?
Module 11. Signs of Ill health
Module 12. Heart worm, fleas and parasites
Module 13. Heart worm prevention
Module 14. Questions about heart worms
Module 15. Fleas and other parasites
Module 16. Do parasites cause “Scooting”?
Module 17. Preventing dental disease
Module 18. Home dental care
Module 19. Veterinary dental treatments
Module 20. The physical examination
Module 21. Why check-ups important
Module 22. The examination
Module 23. How often to examine my pet?
Module 24. How to administer medicine?
Module 25. Nursing a sick dog
Module 26. Vaccinations
Module 27. Questions about vaccinations
Module 28. Spaying and neutering
Module 29. Spaying of the Female dog
Module 30. Neutering of the male dog
Module 31. Pet health insurance
Module 32. Clipping a dog
Module 33. First steps in grooming
Module 34. Bathing a dog
Module 35. Pet Identification


Bonus 2
Dog Obedience Crash Course

Dog Training Planner CD



Module 1. Introduction
Module 2. Biting Behaviours
Module 3, Whining, Howling, Barking
Module 4. Problems With Chewing
Module 5. Jumping On People
Module 6. Pulling And Tugging On A Leash
Module 7. Inappropriate Urination
Module 8. Excitement Urination
Module 9. Submissive Urination
Module 10. Not Heeding The Owner’s Call
Module 11. Chasing People & Objects
Module 12. Escaping And Roaming
Module 13. Dog Fighting
Module 14. Begging
Module 15. Out Of The Garbage
Module 16. Aggressive Behaviour
Module 17. Digging Up Holes In The Yard
Module 18. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Module 19. Conclusion
Module 20. References


Bonus 3
Dog Training 101 Crash Course

Dog Training Planner CD



Module 1. Unacceptable Behaviour
Module 2. Biting
Module 3. Problems With Chewing
Module 4. Pulling & Tugging On A Leash
Module 5. Jumping On People
Module 6. Begging
Module 7. Inappropriate Urination
Module 8. Excitement Urination
Module 9. Submissive Urination
Module 10. Disobeying Commands
Module 11. Not Heeding The Owner’s Call
Module 12. Chasing People
Module 13. Escaping & Roaming
Module 14. Aggressive Behaviour
Module 15. Out & About
Module 16. Dog Fighting
Module 17. Bad Behaviour at Home
Module 18. Conclusion


Bonus 4
Dog Training Basics Crash Course

Dog Training Planner CD



Module 1. The Basic Commands
Module 2. Training Your New Puppy
Module 3. Leash/Collar Training
Module 4. Head Collar Training
Module 5. Training Collar or Choke Collar
Module 6. Reward Training
Module 7. Crate and House Training
Module 8. Dog Obedience Training
Module 9. Dog Training Issues
Module 10. Advanced Dog Training Exercises
Module 11. More Dog or Puppy Training Exercises
Module 12. Conclusion


Bonus 5
Puppy Training Basics Crash Course

Dog Training Planner CD



Module 1. You and Your Puppy
Module 2. Housebreaking Your Puppy
Module 3. Puppy Housebreaking Step By Step
Module 4. Kennel Training Your Puppy
Module 5. Clicker-Training Your Puppy
Module 6. Training Your Puppy With A Clicker
Module 7. Walking Your Puppy
Module 8. Training Your Dog to Walk On a Leash
Module 9. Barking and Your Puppy
Module 10. Conclusion 


Can I really train my dog in only 15 minutes a day?

Dogs (and humans) learn best in short fun spurts! This is a proven fact! I have seen it myself many times over the last 15 years of training that after 15 minutes, they stop learning anything new. One 15-minute session per day will be more than enough time if you make it fun!

Will this Kit save me the cost of a dog obedience class?

You can save £200+ by using this Kit instead of going to classes. Obedience classes are great if you plan on showing off your dog at a dog show, but if you just want a good doggie who behaves, you will do great with this Kit and 15 minutes of fun every day training your dog!

Can I start my puppy training when he is only 7 weeks old?

A. Yes! 7 weeks is perfect. Most obedience classes require your puppy to be at least 3 months old, but by that time he can pick up many bad habits. You can prevent early bad habits and get his training well on the way with this Kit.

Do I have to punish or hurt my dog in any way?

No! This dog training technique is based on love and praise, and a lack of reward is the only punishment.

Will my older dog also do well with this course?

Yes! You can train a mature dog new tricks with these dog training techniques. He will be far happier when he starts working with you every day than he ever was before!

Do I have to constantly bribe my dog with expensive treats?

No! When he does well, your praise and approval are all he needs to plant the winning behaviour in his short-term memory! Within 2 weeks the new behaviours will be locked into his long-term memory. He will not be able to resist what he has learned. For an especially good training session, a treat will surprise and delight him, and he will try even harder to do well.

Will you also help me with problem behaviours my dog has picked up?

Yes! You’ll discover some ingenious ways to break the bad habits that have set in without hurting your dog. You will never need to strike your dog.

Will I need to buy any expensive equipment?

No. A collar, 6-foot leash, and lots of doggie treats is all you need!

How long does the dog training method take?

If you put in 15 minutes a day for 30 days your dog will be a show-stopping super dog. He will pay closer attention to you because he understands English now. He will try harder to please you because he knows what you want of him…..AND he will learn faster because he knows the reward he will receive, your love and praise, every single time.

Is this a downloadable program?

Yes. This is a downloadable program. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. 

What happens when I purchase? 

Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to the “Thank You” page with access to the Dog Training Planner as well as the free bonuses. The free bonuses will be in PDF format.  

George has been great and has gone out of his way to help me. His training advice and guidance documents in the dog training planner are so useful. The training plan covers typical issues and gives easy step by step instructions. The youtube hyperlink helps you to see this in action as well. Thank you so much George 🙂

Lisa Rogers

Dog Training Planner

“Yes, George I understand that every moment I wait makes it harder to change my dog’s bad habits. I’ll get the Dog Training Planner with 501 dog training exercises today, and have fun training my dog.

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George Watts

George with his puppy Finn

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Proud Pet Parent & Dog Trainer 
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P.S. If you have any questions, please call or email me. 

P.P.S. Remember, you are not only getting the Dog Training Planner, but also 5 nifty bonuses. The bonuses you get today are valued at £97 and you get everything for the small investment of only £19.