Teach your dog the bang trick with this simple dog training tip. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Learns the Bang Bang Trick

You will need plenty of high value treats and lots of patience to teach your dog the bang trick. It may take your dog several training sessions to master this trick and it is important to really practice each step before moving forward.

Step 1: Shape the Final Position 

It is important to start with the final position so that your dog can understand the trick as a whole. Start with your dog in the lying down position. Have a treat in your hand and put it in front of their nose. When they sniff at it, move it behind the ear to lure their head into position. Repeat this step multiple times until they understand the movement. 

Step 2: Lure from a Sit 

Get your dog in a sit position, lure them into a down and then lure the head movement from step 2. Repeat multiple times. 

Step 3: Hand and Voice Commands 

Start with dog in a sit position. Make the hand signal (a gun) and give the voice command ‘bang’, then lure your dog as your did in step 2. Repeat multiple times. 

Step 3: Reduce Lure 

Repeat step 3, but with empty hand. Only reward at the end of movement.  

Then take the luring hand away, but do this gradually at first. Keep practicing until your dog responds to the hand signal and verbal command.

This trick can take time, so be patient with your dog and, if you feel they are getting confused, go back a few steps.

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