Teach your dog to ring a bell with this simple dog training tip. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Learns to Ring a Bell

You will need plenty of treats and a clicker to teach your dog to ring a bell. Remember to be consistent when training your dog and ensure that you have good timing when clicking and rewarding.

Step 1 – Target 

This first thing you need to do is target the bell. To do this,put the treat by the bell and click and reward as soon as they take it. Repeat this several times.

Step 2: Shaping 

Now you should observe your dog for any interest they give to the bell. Every your dog goes up to the bell, click and reward. They will soon start to understand that they get a reward if they engage with the bell. 

Step 3 – Increase Shaping 

You can now start to space out the clicks and reward and try to target the top of the bell (and therefore the ringing of the bell). You should click only when the dog sniffs or paws at the top of the bell and then advance to only rewarding when the dog paws at the bell and makes a sound. 

Step 4 – Click to Go Out 

Place the bell by door and ring it just before you let your dog out. Your dog will begin to make a connection between the bell and going out. When your dog rings the bell on their own, reward. If they don’t make the connection, lead your dog to the bell just before they go out and target the bell with a treat. 

Note: Once your dog has mastered this trick, they may start to ring the bell a lot and not always just when the need to go out. Use your discretion to determine when they do need to go out, and only reward this behaviour.

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