Train your dog to fetch with this simple dog training tip. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Learns to Fetch

To train your dog to fetch you will need a clicker and an object for your dog to fetch (a ball or their favourite toy would be preferable.)

Step 1: Hold object by their mouth.   

Get down onto the ground at the dog’s eye level, hold the object by your dog’s mouth and move it around quickly (use encouragement & be as excited as your dog).   

Step 2: Click & give a treat 

Command your dog to sit and place the object nearby. Use the command: “Get” and then use the clicker when the dog picks up the object. When they pick up the object, give a treat and say something encouraging like: “Good boy.”  (You can trade the object with a treat if your dog doesn’t let go of it). Give extra praise for a quick drop and, After your dog has done this a number of times, increase the amount of time he’s holding the object before he get’s a click and a treat.  

Step 3: Bring object towards you 

Show your dog he has to bring the object towards you before they get a click and a treat. Allow your dog to pick up the object and move away from him (backwards) while using encouraging words (e.g. “Good boy“). When he catches up to you, click & give a treat.   

Dog Training Planner