How To Train Your Dog To Fetch: Overview

This quick and easy dog training tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner. To train your dog to fetch you will need a clicker and an object for your dog to fetch (a ball or their favourite toy would be preferable).

The 3 Steps 

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that I’ve written out all the steps from the video for you. I know. I know. I really am that nice (lol).

Videos are great if you’re a visual learner!

Most people learn dog training drills best by first watching a video tutorial, and then having the written steps available during the training session, so they don’t get confused (Hey, if you want to completely avoid confusion, you might like to get your paws on my Dog Training Planner).

Step 1: Hold The Object

Get down onto the ground at the dog’s eye level, hold the object by your dog’s mouth and move it around quickly (use encouragement & be as excited as your dog).   

Step 2: Click And Treat

Command your dog to sit and place the object nearby.

Use the command, “Get“, and then use the clicker when the dog picks up the object.

When they pick up the object, give a treat and say something encouraging like, “Good boy.”  You can trade the object with a treat if your dog doesn’t let go of it.

Give extra praise for a quick drop.

After your dog has done this a number of times, increase the amount of time he holds the object before he gets a click and a treat.  

NOTE: The clicker is a marker that communicates to the dog that they have done what you wanted them to and will be rewarded for it. It’s like telling the dog, “Good dog! I like what you just did, the reward is coming,” all in one split second. You can use a word instead of a clicker, like “YES“. The clicker works best because it is very consistent and precise.

Step 3: Use Encouraging Words

Show your dog he has to bring the object towards you before they get a click and a treat. Allow your dog to pick up the object and move away from him (backwards) while using encouraging words (e.g. “Good boy“). When he catches up to you, click and give him or her a treat.

Before you go, read on to discover the secret sauce to dog training success...

Loving Leadership

Have a philosophy of loving leadership when training your dog.

Loving Leadership Dog Training Planner

As a loving leader, you should be constantly working on the communication pathways with your dog. At the bare minimum, your dog should also have some basic commands such as the lie-down command, sit command, and stay command.

When your dog knows a few basic dog obedience commands he or she will feel loved because they know what you want and have no anxiety or fear about what they should be doing and when.

Once your dog has a few commands under his or her belt (I mean, collar), practice behaviour dog training, command dog training and tricks dog training regularly to ensure your dog is physically and mentally healthy. As you are probably acutely aware, untrained dogs have a way of taking over the control of a home if not taught otherwise (which can be a nightmare). A trained dog, however, will bring years of doggie love to your household.

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