Here’s a really simple dog training tip to train your dog to greet visitors when they come to the door.  This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Greets Visitors in an Acceptable Manner

To train your dog to greet visitors you will require a play pen and a visitor!

Step 1: Play Pen 

When you know that visitors are coming to your home, set up a playpen in your living room and fill it with some of your dogs favourite toys or a favourite blanket.  

Step 2: Ask Your Guest to Help 

Before your guest arrives, put your dog in the play pen so they are unable to race to the door when they hear the door bell. Then, as you open the door to greet your guest, ask them to help you with the training. Asking you visitor for help will enable you to keep control of the situation and should prevent the dog from becoming over excited.  

Step 3: Ignore your Dog 

When you take your guest in to the living room, your dog is likely to be very excited, behaviour could included jumping, barking or whining.  It is important that both you, and your guest,  ignore the dog. You should not  look at, talk to or pet your dog.   

Step 4: Reward 

Ignore your dog’s excited behaviour no matter how long it takes. After a while your dog will become less aroused. When this happens, click and give a food treat.   

Step 5: Continue to Reward 

Each time your dog sits (without you asking him to sit) give him a click and food treat, then reward all calm behaviour with a click and food treat.  When your dog is calm ask the guest to introduce themselves to your dog.

Continue to do this with all guests that enter your home and soon you won’t need a playpen. 

Dog Training Planner