Basic Commands: Sit. Here’s a simple dog training tip to train your dog to sit. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog learns to sit with a verbal command

General Tips:

  • Train your dog in an environment with minimal distractions.
  • Burn off excess energy before training, but don’t exhaust your dog.

Step 1: Lure

Have a treat in your hand and put it close to the dogs nose. As they sniff at it, raise your hand just above their head. Dogs naturally sit when their heads are lured upward. Reward your dog when they sit, do this by giving them the treat and with lots of verbal praise.

Step 2: Fade out the lure and replace with a hand signal

You will need both hands for this step. Keep a treat in one hand, but use your empty hand to give your dog the hand signal for sit. To give the signal, hold out your hand with your palm face up, and raise it as you did with the lure. When your dog sits, reward them with the treat from your other hand and give lots of verbal praise. Repeat this until your dog is sitting consistently.

Step 3: Fade out the hand signal for a verbal command.

Just before you give your dog the hand signal, give the command ‘sit’ in a firm tone. When your dog sits, give them the treat and praise verbally. Repeat this step until your dog sits on the verbal command, then you can fade out the hand signal.

Practice these steps regularly to ensure your dog is confident to carry out the command.

Dog Training PlannerBasic Commands: Sit (taken from The Dog Training Planner)