Discover how to make your dog look amazingly cute with this “cover eyes dog trick”. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Cover Eyes Dog Trick

Step 1: Scotch Tap

Take a small piece of scotch tap and roll it up on it’s inside and place it just on top of your dog’s nose causing them to want to take it off (this provides you the opportunity to capture the behaviour as it happens). Because you don’t want to frustrate your dog only work on this for a short while. Use a very high value reward.

Step 2: Understanding The Tape

Have your dog lying down. Gently put the tape on your dog’s nose and click. Give treat as soon as he moves his paw to try and remove it. Click for any paw movement. Take the tape off after each click.

Step 3: Add The Word

Repeat step 1 & 2 and add the word cue (e.g. “Cover“) so your dog makes the association between action and cue.

Step 3: Generalise For Position

Repeat step 2 with your dog in a sitting position.

Step 4: No More Tape

Do step 3 without the tape, but pretend you’re putting the tape on his nose but don’t have anything in your hands.

Step 5: Fade Out Hand Signal

Do step 4 while gradually fading out the hand signal.


Dog Training Planner