Get the most out of your dog training by using a “clicker”. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Training With A Clicker 

Step 1: Click Once & Give A Treat 

The secret to making dog training work comes down to consistency and timing. Using a clicker allows you, as a trainer, to have perfect timing. The click serves as a signal that lets the dog know they just did the right thing and their reward is on its way. If you’ve never used a clicker before, spend a few seconds showing your dog what it means. To do this, simply click once and give your dog a small treat.

Step 2: Repeat 15 Times 

Repeat this 15 times. You’ll know your dog understand once he looks away, and after hearing the click they turn towards you as if to say, “Where’s my treat?”

Continue to practice with the clicker and, periodically, offer your dog a treat when you click to reaffirm the association. During training sessions a clicker will be helpful to ensure you get consistent timing, but it is not essential for all dog training if your dog does not respond to it. All dogs are different so it is important to listen to your dog and respond to their needs.

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