House training: Learn to crate train your dog. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Crate training your dog. 

General tips before starting to crate train your dog:

  • Keep training consistent, this will ensure your dog doesn’t get confused.
  • Don’t use the crate as a punishment

Six Steps to Crate Train Your Dog:

Step 1: Choose the right size crate  

They should be able to turn and lie down, but not be able to pace. 

Step 2: Getting Your Dog Used to the Crate 

Give your dog their meals in their crate (but not water) and reward them with treats each time they go into the crate. Put your dog into their crate several time throughout the day when you are home, this ensures they don’t associate the crate with you leaving. 

Step 3: Release Energy 

If you need to leave your dog in their crate for any length of time, play with them or burn of some of their energy before doing so. 

Step 4: Prepare Crate 

If your dog needs to be left in the crate for any length of time, cover the sides with a blanket (being sure that air can still flow through the crate) and turn on some calming music. Give your dog hard chew toys but do not put bedding in their crate until you can trust your dog not to chew it. 

Step 5: Leaving Your Dog 

When leaving your dog in their crate, don’t make a fuss. Simply put them in their prepared crate and walk away. 

Step 6: Releasing the Dog 

Do not release your dog from their crate if they are crying or over excited. Wait for them to calm down and then reward them. 


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