House training: Learn to potty train your dog. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Goes Outside To The Toilet

Step 1: Getting Outside

Begin by taking your dog outside. For the first few days it is best to keep your dog on a lead, this can be removed when your dog has grown in confidence. 

Step 2Choosing A Spot

Lead your dog to a spot where you’d like them to go to the toilet. Make this their designated spot to go to the toilet, this will help with consistency when training.  

Step 3Give the Command

 Just as they are about to go to the toilet (as they crouch or raise a leg) give the command ‘go potty’ (or you can opt for ‘go wee’ etc) 

Step 4Praise and Reward

Praise your dog if they urinate or defecate, this can be with verbal praise and with treats, but be sure there is lots of it.

Step 5Go Back Inside

Go back inside and give them free reign of their living area. 

Step 6Keep An Eye Out For Signals

Supervise your dog and keep an eye out for signals that they need to go to the toilet, this can include whining, scratching etc. As soon as you see these signals, take your dog outside to their designated spot.

Repeat these steps at regular intervals throughout the day. 

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House Training: Potty Training Your Dog (Part of The Dog Training Planner)