Learn how to leave your dog alone at home with the simple dog training tip This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Can be Left Home Alone

This tip can help you leave your alone, at home, unsupervised and with free roam in the house. It is important to remember that this will not be possible whilst your puppy is teething and you must always make sure that your dog is ready for this stage. Knowing their ready will take careful observation and consideration. It will also require you to do consistent training to ensure that your eradicate any unwanted behaviour. Then, follow these easy steps to leaving your dog alone.

Step 1: Exercise 

Always exercise your dog before leaving them alone, this can be either a walk or with engaging play. 

Step 2: Pick a Place 

Pick a place that is appropriate to leave them, where they can’t do any damage. Begin with somewhere that has been puppy proofed and where the dog get at any wires etc

Step 3: Test For Short Periods of Time 

Begin with short amounts of time and use a camera to keep an eye on your dog (if possible). 

Step 4: Increase Duration 

Gradually increase the length of time you leave your dog. During this time you can also test out leaving them in other parts of the house. 


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How to leave your dog alone (Part of The Dog Training Planner)