Here’s a really simple dog training tip to stop your dog play biting without punishing him (e.g. by putting him in a crate). This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Stop your dog biting

Your puppy is likely to nip or bite because they’re teething. It is important to remember not to punish them for this behaviour as this can make the problem worse. Remember to give your dog appropriate teething toys and always use positive reinforcement when training your puppy.

Step 1:

Grab a handful of treats and close your hand into a fist.  

Step 2:

Allow your dog to smell your fist.  Be prepared to outlast your persistent dog as they will try to sniff & lick for several minutes to try to get to the food.  

Step 3:

Tell your dog, “Off” once and wait until they decide to backup, then immediately reward them.  

Step 4:

Repeat until your dog responds to the “Off” cue straight away.   

Remember to train your dog in short sessions and repeat throughout the day. Don’t expect your dog to understand straight away, training takes time and persistence, so don’t give up! It is also important to remember to give your dog plenty of exercise, engage them in play and have plenty of fun with them. A tired dog is less likely to bite.

Dog Training Planner