Teach your dog to crawl with this simple dog training tip. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Learns to Crawl

You will need plenty of treats and a clicker to teach your dog to crawl. Remember to be consistent when training your dog and ensure that you have good timing when clicking and rewarding.

 Step 1 – Lure 

Kneel down on the floor and have your dog in a down position. Use a treat to lure them forward. Any forward movement should be rewarded. 

Step 2Target Hand 

Stay knelt down with your dog in the down position, but hold out a treat with an open palm. This should be a target for your dog. Reward any forward movement. 

Step 3: Increase Step 

Ensure your dog moves forward two steps before rewarding. The amount of steps can slowly be increased with practice. 

Step 4: Trainer Stands 

As your dog improves, you can move to a standing position, but do so gradually, standing too soon may confuse your dog. 

Step 5: Introduce Verbal Cue 

Give the cue ‘crawl’ just before your hand signal. Reward the movement and continue to practice until your dog responds to the verbal cue alone. 

Step 6: Distance 

If you are standing and your dog is able to crawl several steps with a verbal cue, you can now add distance between you and your dog. Do so gradually and go back a few steps if your dog gets confused. 

Keep practicing this trick with your dog and have them crawling across the room or the length of your garden.

Dog Training Planner