Train your dog to give paw with this  simple dog training tip. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Learns to Give Paw

You will need plenty of treats to train your dog to give paw!

 Step 1: Lure 

Put treats in a closed fist and put them by the dog’s nose. Hold out your other hand, near to the dog’s paw. Your dog should sniff your hand and try to get the treat, don’t release it. When dogs can’t get what they want with their mouths, they use their paws. Keep the treat in your hand and only reward when the dog moves his paw. This maybe a small movement at first, but always reward and say ‘good.’ Repeat until dog regularly puts his paw in your open hand. 

Step 2: Hand Signal 

Once your dog is reliably doing step one, move onto a hand signal. To do this, keep treats in your pocket and hold out the hand you used to hold the dogs paw. Reward and say ‘good’ when the dog gives you his paw. 

Step 3: Verbal Command 

Once your dog is reliably doing step 2, you can add a verbal command. To do this, say ‘paw’ just before you give the hand signal. Reward when the dog gives you his more and repeat several time. Then see if the dog responds to the verbal command alone. If they don’t, continue to practice with the hand signal and phase it out  gradually. 

Dog Training Planner