Train your dog to sit pretty with this simple dog training tip. This tip was taken from the Dog Training Planner.

Outcome: Dog Learns to Sit Pretty

You will need plenty of treats and a clicker to train your dog to sit pretty.

 Step 1: Lure 

Start with your dog sitting. Have treats in a closed fist and put them by the dog’s nose. Push your hand back and, when your dog lifts their feet off the ground, click and give treat. Reward any small movement. Click and treat in quick intervals. Repeat. 

Step 2: Increase the length of time your dog holds the position 

Once your dog is reliably lifting their feet off the ground, try to increase the length of time they hold the position. To do this, space out the clicks and treats. 

 Step 3: Hand Signal 

Now introduce a hand signal. Hold the treats in front of the dog’s nose, push slightly, but then pull the hand back to your chest. If the dog sits pretty, click and reward (if they don’t, repeat step 2). 

 Step 4: Introduce Verbal Command  

Introduce a verbal command. Do this by giving the command ‘pose’ or ‘sit pretty’ (or a command of your choice) and then give the hand signal. Reward the position and gradually phase out the hand signal. 

Dog Training Planner