Sit Pretty Dog Trick Overview

You’ll love the Sit Pretty Dog Trick (taken from the Dog Training Planner). You will need plenty of treats and a clicker. It is probably one of the coolest dog tricks ever! Your dog is gonna love it, and so will you.

Sitting pretty is also known as a “beg.” The dog starts in a sit and then raises up its front legs so they are sitting on just its back legs with its front legs curled and held in front.

Do the Teach Your Dog How To Sit trick first, before graduating to this sit pretty trick (if your dog doesn’t already sit on your command).

It’s an excellent abdominal workout for your dog and is great fun.

The 4 Steps 

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that I’ve written out all the steps from the video for you. I know. I know. I really am that nice (lol).

Videos are great if you’re a visual learner!

Most people learn dog training drills best by first watching a video tutorial, and then having the written steps available during the training session, so they don’t get confused (Hey, if you want to completely avoid confusion, you might like to get your paws on my Dog Training Planner).

 Step 1: Lure

Start with your dog sitting. Have treats in a closed fist and put them by the dog’s nose. Push your hand back and, when your dog lifts their feet off the ground, click and give a treat. Reward any small movement. Click and treat in quick intervals. Repeat. 

Step 2: Increase Time 

Once your dog is reliably lifting their feet off the ground, try to increase the length of time they hold the position. To do this, space out the clicks and treats. 

Step 3: Hand Signal

Now introduce a hand signal. Hold the treats in front of the dog’s nose, push slightly, but then pull the hand back to your chest. If the dog sits pretty, click and reward (if they don’t, repeat step 2). 

Step 4: Verbal Command 

Introduce a verbal command. Do this by giving the command ‘pose’ or ‘sit pretty’ (or a command of your choice) and then giving the hand signal. Reward the position and gradually phase out the hand signal. 

Before you go, read on to discover the secret sauce to dog training success...

Loving Leadership

Have a philosophy of loving leadership when training your dog.

Loving Leadership Dog Training Planner

As a loving leader, you should be constantly working on the communication pathways with your dog. At the bare minimum, your dog should also have some basic commands such as the lie-down command, sit command, and stay command.

When your dog knows a few basic dog obedience commands he or she will feel loved because they know what you want and have no anxiety or fear about what they should be doing and when.

Once your dog has a few commands under his or her belt (I mean, collar), practice behaviour dog training, command dog training and tricks dog training regularly to ensure your dog is physically and mentally healthy. As you are probably acutely aware, untrained dogs have a way of taking over the control of a home if not taught otherwise (which can be a nightmare). A trained dog, however, will bring years of doggie love to your household.

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